Marine Transport, Inc wants only safe and reliable Owner Operators on the road. Our terminals require a mix of local and over the road units. The Safety Department, headed by Jon Kasper, is responsible to insure compliance with qualification regulations while working with each terminal location to meet their individual needs.

In addition to qualification files, the Safety Department is responsible for Hazardous Materials training, including the new security training requirements, accident investigation, cargo claims, Owner Operator maintenance records, and the Trip Matching System database to monitor the expiration of CDL licenses, physicals, tractor inspections and registrations.

Safety is always paramount; our Safety Director visits each location for an annual Safety Meeting in addition to visits for training personnel and Owner Operators as needed to keep up to date with new information and changes in regulations. We are committed to making sure each owner operator and all terminal personnel are familiar with all D.O.T. regulations.  /  732-765-1403


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